Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Bit of Spring

I managed to get another vase after Hubby busted the other one,Me thinks this is a nicer one anyway!! LOL

A shot of the best of my roses before the nasty wind got to the bushes!!!

And a visitor from the bush as well!!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

More Gums

The last of what flowers I can see producing at school,hot winds are plying havoc with

everything now,lawns included!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sunday, September 16, 2007


A new flowering happening!!! Eucalypts come in many different colours and forms,hardy and rewarding,there one for any garden....

Some more colours



Sunday, July 29, 2007

At Last

Ive been abit slack with this but havent really had much to talk about!

Though finally the Geraldton Wax have decided to show a few shy flowers and the emu bushes or Eremophilias are also covered and growing like mad!

The roses Ive cut back severly and sprayed with a sulphur based fungal spray as it was just getting too much of a hold,I did try the baking powder but I was probably abit impatient.That I will use as a preventative I think!

The little diosma is beautiful and odorous!!! Have to get some more...

Ive potted up two citris trees, an Emperer Mandarin and a Eureka lemon but I doubt they will do much good so will probably plant them out later.

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Green Thumb Sunday..............

Ive been slow to post mainly due to time and not much to show or my fav excuse,camera not with me!!!

Nw I havent shown my new garden at the front of the house whic is probably small by some standards but I hope or its planned to be both attractive and water saving, seeing we will most likely follow the rest of Australia and go into severe water shortage in the future.I havent shown photos before as it really didnt look much but here goes.....

This is the Northwest corner and if you can see ,theres a curve whci I planted where the cement drive will go across the front of the house and up the side to a new car port,I put a row of roses up the neighbours fence line (another project to do later,privacy and all that(me,Im thinking protection from elemts for thsoe preddy flowers

The rest is natives: Callistemons,Erimophilas and Grevilleas and a few Myoporums that i sruck from cutting tken from a lovely specimum at work,the others I plantd there but they arent very happy.These fellas are thick lush lime green ground covers with fine delicate small white flowers.

Please discount the ugly old table that my DH hasnt removed to tip yet,maybe today?

These bushes are about 7 months old in the ground and sonme are seconds,The Pink Peace the other pinky apricot and the Pascalli are doing very well.The others were bought as expensive($20) bushes or the budget style from Bunnings(a major hardwware,garden shop/warehouse0)

Pink Peace as was labelled,I hope this is a bigger flowered as the usual pink peace!

This is the pinky apricoty one that was unnamed but I love the colourand appears to be quite hardy!I must note that I give them a twicw a week watering in the warmer months to establish but with the cooler weather coming on they are on water rations to harden them up.Next summer I will be putting heaps of peahay around this garden to keep the water ing down to only when necessary.

The all time fragrance fav is Friesia,the smell is just divine and the dark green foliage is rich and healthy.This bush has only been inthe ground for a few months but hopefully will begin to improve and grow well shortly.The bed was dug over with composted manure and siol improver and rested a short while before planting the roses with rose food and given extra feeds of Rose Magic mixes!

Black Velvet, its produced more flowers than any of the others and healthily transplanted too,I could have picked a small bunch for Mothers Day with these being the majority.

No photos of the new roses, a real Peace Rose, and two others,Wembly something and another red orange one,will update names later,its cold outside and a bit foggy/rainy as Esperance weather has come in.

Im thrilled with these bushes but have decided to add another sort row along the verandah with an archway for a Pierre DeRonsard climber and a couple of white or paler colours along with a Big Purple and Magma. Now roses can seen as water loving but these few I should be able to sustain with bath water etc and the use of pea hay mulch will be a great help!

Thats it for today,Im certainly looking forward to next spring when these bushes will really come out of their 'foliage'!!!!!

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Following the Eremophilia trend ,these are the other new additions to the School gardens!

This ones flower isnt out but is a lovely bright yellow bell though without the vivid throat spots!

They are seen very clearly here in this red one! I am really intersted in these plants and hope to grow many in this area. The Mining Hall of Fame in Kalgoorlie is reputed to have the biggest collection of this genis as part of the gardens surrounding the reception area.I was sad to see a number of their specimums were dying or dead when last there.Maybe I can challenge them!

The next one is Kalbarri Carpet, Desert Pride,this variety is so drought tolerant that Ive lost two after thunderstorms! the flowers are a pale yellow lime and not very prominant,blending into the foliage,I rather like this one for the silvery foliage which glows in the moonlight,at least on a Bright night!
Just look at that velvety furry leaf!
This one is one of my favs ,Ive seen a mature bush and it can grow to some size,trimmed though it should look gorgeous.....
This is the picture which sold the bush.....